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Payment Options

At the Sellers sole discretion, the Price shall be as indicated on invoices provided by the Seller to the Buyer in respect of Goods supplied.

Time for payment for the Goods/Services shall be of the essence and will be stated on the invoice, quotation or any other order forms. In the event of orders sent by email the Seller may withhold delivery of the Goods until the Buyer has paid for them, in which event payment shall be made before the delivery date.

At the Seller's sole discretion, payment for approved Buyers shall be due on 20th day of each month following the posting of a statement to the Buyer's address or address for notices.

Payment will be made by secure credit card / debit card payments, by direct debit, by instalments via finance companies or any other method as agreed to between the Buyer and the Seller.

The Prices on this website are in NZD dollars. Any additional charges will be notified separately in any quotation given by the Seller.